Coordinates to Time API

Know the coordinates? You know the local time.

Thousands of people rely on our services every day for their time related needs and now the Local Time API Service™ enables licensed personal and commercial use of our time data for your own applications and services, subject to certain important terms (see below).

The service enables you to access up to the minute live local world times for any place in the world and use them directly within your application. On ordering our service, you will receive instant access so you can be up and running immediately.

Your API key gives you access to all APIs offered by including the IP Address to Time API and the Latitude/Longitude to Time API.

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit the size and scale of your project. All API services are provided through Mashape, our 3rd-party API service provider where you can upgrade or downgrade your service plan at any time and where you can also track all of your usage of our API services.

If you wish to inquire about additional license terms beyond those provided here then please contact us using the information provided on our contact page.

Content Delivery

Local Time is delivered in JSON Format in response to a standard HTTP GET request.

To access the service, you will need to sign-up for one of our plans with our 3rd-party API hosting partner, Mashape Inc.

Once you have your key you will be able to send requests to the following URL:<latitude>&longitude=<longitude>

where <latitude> and <longitude> should be replaced with the latitude and longitude of the place to query.

Here's an example for Sydney, Australia:

which will return the following response:

  "version": "1.2",
  "url": "",
  "location": {
    "region": "Australia/New South Wales",
    "latitude": -33.8671,
    "longitude": 151.207
  "summary": {
    "utc": "2013-09-12 21:27:23",
    "local": "2013-09-13 07:27:23",
    "hasDst": true
  "current": {
    "abbreviation": "EST",
    "description": "Australia Eastern Standard Time",
    "utcOffset": "+10:00",
    "isDst": false,
    "effectiveUntil": "2013-10-06 02:00:00"
  "next": {
    "abbreviation": "EST",
    "description": "Australia Eastern Standard Time",
    "utcOffset": "+11:00",
    "isDst": true,
    "effectiveUntil": "2014-04-06 03:00:00"

Detailed technical instructions and descriptions of our API service can be found in our 'Guide to using the World Time Engine Local Time Service API™'.

Important Terms

The full end-user license agreement can be viewed here. However, here is an overview of some of the key terms that govern the use of the Local Time API Service.

You may not redistribute pure local time data without our expressed written permission.
You are free to distribute value-added functionality based on the local time data provided, such as visitors local time, but you cannot redistribute any "pure" time data, i.e. data based on local time zone information alone, without clearing it with us. For example, you are allowed to use the local time data to display local times to different visitors on a website, because this does not involve redistribution of the local time data. However, you are not allowed to, without our permission, display a table of raw local time information on a web site, build your own "local time server" that distributes local time data to other computers. We may permit these activities, under certain circumstances, but only with permission.

The data may not be used in competitive services without our written permission.
You may not create competitive services or functionality or re-sell our data without clearing it with us. Tools like our Local Time Comparison Services can be licensed separately, and in many cases are available for free.

Credit must be given to wherever the data is used.
Wherever any of our local time data is displayed to a visitor, you must credit us as the source with a short credit notice as specified by us. When permitted by the media, this notice will be a link to the site. Where local time data is used in multiple calculations in a single location, it is acceptable to display a single instance of the notice; however, the credit text must be accessible on the page where the use occurs.

These are just a few of the key terms of the service. The full license agreement can be viewed here.

How to Order the Service

When you are ready to proceed, the next steps are as follows:

1. Carefully read the Local Time API License Agreement at the following URL:

NOTE: By ordering this service you are agreeing that you have read and agree to abide by the license agreement available above.

2. Choose the most suitable API plan for your project needs and order API service via the Mashape website.

3. Once your order is complete follow the provided API usage instructions for accessing our API service with your newly acquired Mashape credentials.

Help and Support

All of our purchases include automatic free updates to all region and timezone information provided. In addition, we provide free support to all customers of our Local Time API Service.

If you require any assistance before or during the signup process, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.