Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where do you get your time and timezone information?

We implement a modified version of the Olson Timezone Database - a collaborative compilation of information about the world's time zones.

In addition, we use our own systems to resolve queries made on our site in real-time using an innovative fast lookup system.

For more information on the Olson Timezone Database, please refer to the official web site at:


How accurate are the times given on

We've spend innummerable man hours building a mechanism to ensure that the live times you see on your screen are, in fact, accurately synchronised to an atomic clock - perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we undertook in development.

When you view a time page, takes a few seconds to calibrate your location and browser before we're satisfied that we've synchronised it with the atomic time.

Once this calibration is complete the clock changes to show you seconds ticking by in your browser. This is the currently synchronised time.

We're confident that the dynamic time we provide is accurate to within 2 seconds of atomic time at any given location on earth.


I want to integrate the local time in my application/web site. How can I do this?

We offer licensed personal and commercial use of our data through the Local API Service™.

For commercial licensing options beyond the standard API Terms of Use, please contact us for more information.

We are continually tweaking and refining our API to meet the needs of our users and any feedback you may have is essential to continuing to provide the best Time API available anywhere in the world.


You accept coordinates as input to your search box? What coordinates format should I use?

We support a wide range of different geo-coordinate formats entry on our website. Here's a selection of formats we support to get you started:

degrees (real number):

40.446195, -79.948862
40.446195N 79.948862W
N40.446195 W79.948862

degrees (integer), minutes (integer), seconds (integer or real number):

40°26′47″N 079°58′36″W
40d 26′ 47″ N 079d 58′ 36″ W
40:26:46.302N 079:56:55.903W

degrees (integer), minutes (real number):

40°26.7717N, 79°56.93172W


Community FAQ

You should also check out our GetSatisfaction community forum where you can ask and find answers to any other questions or problems you may be having. Feel free to ask away on there!